Cannot connecting nucleus server

i want to connect omniverse nuclues server (in aws docker)

but i can’t see localhost folder like below

but omniverse/login webbrowser show like below

right! i can see the all dir .

but i can’t see in isaac sim using websocket livestream

so i tried create new connection, but i crushed the other error like below

so i don’t have any idea, please help me

this is all about error log

2022-05-10 06:24:31 [293,789ms] [Warning] [omni.livestream-websocket.plugin] Encode settings:
2022-05-10 06:24:31 [293,789ms] [Warning] [omni.livestream-websocket.plugin] bitrate = 32777216
2022-05-10 06:24:31 [293,789ms] [Warning] [omni.livestream-websocket.plugin] iframe_interval = 1
2022-05-10 06:24:36 [298,869ms] [Warning] [omni.client.plugin] Tick: authentication:

Discovery(ws://localhost:443/omni/discovery): Error creating search: Not connected
2022-05-10 06:24:36 [298,871ms] [Warning] [omni.client.plugin] Tick: authentication: Discovery(ws://localhost:3333): Credentials service not found!
2022-05-10 06:24:36 [298,885ms] [Warning] [omni.kit.widget.filebrowser.model] Error populating ‘omniverse://localhost’: Error listing directory ‘omniverse://localhost’: Result.ERROR_CONNECTION

2022-05-10 06:26:12 [394,715ms] [Warning] [omni.livestream-websocket.plugin] Encode settings:
2022-05-10 06:26:12 [394,715ms] [Warning] [omni.livestream-websocket.plugin] bitrate = 32777216
2022-05-10 06:26:12 [394,715ms] [Warning] [omni.livestream-websocket.plugin] iframe_interval = 1
[2022-05-10 06:26:33] [control] Control frame received with opcode 8
2022-05-10 06:26:33 [415,650ms] [Warning] [omni.livestream-websocket.plugin] Closing connection: “...
2022-05-10 06:26:33 [415,650ms] [Warning] [omni.livestream-websocket.plugin] Connection closed: “...” (0 remaining)
[2022-05-10 06:26:33] [disconnect] Disconnect close local:[1000] remote:[1005]
2022-05-10 06:26:38 [420,708ms] [Warning] [omni.client.plugin] Tick: authentication: Discovery(ws://...:80/omni/discovery): Timed out waiting for results
2022-05-10 06:26:48 [430,708ms] [Warning] [omni.client.plugin] Tick: authentication: Discovery(ws://...:443/omni/discovery): Timed out waiting for results
2022-05-10 06:26:58 [440,708ms] [Warning] [omni.client.plugin] Tick: authentication: Discovery(ws://...:3333): Timed out waiting for results

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