Unable to log to nucleus server through code

Trying to run the offline_generation.py (forklift) and change the cone asset to a 3d asset from a nucleus server.
I’m running my workstation as a container, I tried to load the usd as follows:
Of course I needed logging input so I added those as env variables:
as mentionned in Access Nucleus on Host from Replicator inside Docker

But still, I get the following error:
timed out waiting for results for Nucleus Auth/Credentials

Is there a clear documentatino on the authentification subject?
Thank you

I can manage to connect to the nucleus server and list folders using the connect sample from the exchange library but it does not seem to work in python, the real error is the following:
[54,328ms] [Warning] [omni.client.plugin] Tick: authentication: Discovery(wss://nucleus_address/omni/discovery): Timed out waiting for results for Nucleus Auth/Credentials

Is it a websocket issue? I wonder how I can debug it

Can you double check that all your services are running (Discovery, Auth, etc), and validate those are accessible?
It looks like it took 54000+ ms to get a response, which makes it seem like either it’s not accessible or credentials were wrong