Nucleus server not found Websocket connection failed

Nucleus server is working on one machine. Can connect and create new account. http://localhost:8080/login?redirect=/omniverse://localhost/Projects/. Using a second computer on a corporate network, I can ping the servers computer, but when I try to connect, I get “Failed to connect to the server”. I also try with the ip address of the computer with the server (i.e 123.345.678:8080 …). Tried with edge, chrome and firefox. Inspection shows Websocket connection to discovery service failing.

Hello @bjcarve! Welcome to the community! I alerted our dev team to take a look at this post. We should hear back shortly!

Some information I received from the dev team

Take a look at our Nucleus documentation here and make sure you have Enable Sharing togged on in the System Monitor.

You may also need to open the ports listed in the Configure ports section in System Monitor.
(Check out this link if you don’t know how to do this.)

Let me know if this helps or if you need further assistance!

Seems unlikely the IT people will open all of those ports, but I am working on getting the software approved and exceptions for the required ports.

I do have sharing enabled.

Since this email, I have determined that I can’t run OV Nucleus and any apps on my company network. I am working primarily on a personal computer to learn and develop with OV.

Brad Carvey