Can't share my server Nucleus

Hi, I’m unable to use my IP as an nucleus server: Example (MyIP:8080)

I’m opened the Ports on Firewall, but still I can’t connect or share with my colleague.

Hi , have you enabled server sharing in the System Monitor? Open localhost:3080 in web browser and then click “Enable Sharing”

If using YourIPAddress:port to connect to the server, others will not be able to connect to it unless you enable server sharing first.

can’t open link http://localhost:3080/ on linux?

Hello there,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ll investigate and pass it on to the devs, just to be clear, are you having trouble accessing localhost 3080 in the browser? If so, what are you using, and are you running the latest version of nucleus? Thanks.

Download from Isaac Sim website. Ubuntu linux nucleus, can’t open localhost:3080. The version of ucleus is

Hi, you are using an older version of Nucleus that was released with Isaac Sim. The System Monitor is not available in this version. To access the Nucleus Web UI, go to http://localhost:8080.

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can I use this version to install Cache?

The old version of Nucleus includes Cache when installed and should be used with the current version of Isaac Sim only.