How to build a nucleus server

In the description in the docs, omniverse nucleus support remote connect well. Like in the omniverse View or in the omniverse create, we can add new connnections to a server to fetch its data.

But I do not know how to build a nucleus server. I want another machine to connect my “localhost” nucleus collaboration service, what should I do? Is it just modify the server name from “localhost” to ip like"192.168.1.x"? Is there any docs or tutorials about how to build a nucleus server?

There’s some info on enabling sharing here Workstation — Omniverse Nucleus documentation

Other computers would need to access the computer hosting the server via its public IP.

Hi guys!
If my experience can be somewhat useful, I’ve been trying to do that for a while, no luck so far.

“an endless loading screen appears and nothing else happens”

can you provide a screenshot of the System Monitor, please? Are there any services that are not running - erroring?

I don’t see any error here. It seems to only work when you try to register (accessing “myPublicIP:8080” in a web browser) from the same local network of the Nucleus server

Are you saying that it works as long as the computers are connected on the same LAN/Wifi network?

Precisely. This is what I see, instead of the endless loading screen, when trying to register from a computer connected on the same LAN:

It’s as if - when accessing from outside the LAN/Wifi network - the Omniverse Navigator is accessible but not the Auth service.

would you be able to bundle up the logs from System Monitor into a zip file so we can troubleshoot better?

…plus log from browser trying - but failing - to see login.

Sure. Thanks for the assistance. Logs from browser trying but failing are attached to this post:

As for the logs from System Monitor, is it okay if I share them with you privately? I’m worried they may contain sensitive data

yeah that’ll be fine

In another thread I tried to upload my logs but the website won’t let me. It seems since then I have been able to upload images to here so I will postmy Nucleus-Access.log here as an image.

Omniverse installed to C: default path. Data path set to D: on same system. I cannot install Nucleus any more (So I have no more active Nucleus or login) but before I deleted all the remaining files after deleting all the launcher allowed me to delete, this is what I found when I looked at my access log. The entire file from start to finish was just this…

I wasn’t even trying to run from a different computer or anything. In fact, I wanted to add a second nucleus server or modify the one I had to make it point to my NAS but I was unable to get in to do so since Collaboration just hanged forever as soon as I clicked on the Collaboration screen

Since deleting everything it now asks me to create a new user account, downloads everything, installs and tells me “There was an error in the .exe. Good luck solving a problem inside our exe”, then apparently deletes everything it just downloaded so I must use up more of my extremely limited cap each time I try to create a Nucleus. Insert infinite loop here.

We only support sharing the server within one network. Working on a solution for easier sharing outside local network.