What ports do you have to open to share a Nucleus server?

I’m trying to share my Nucleus server.
I created a dynamic DNS and opened the following ports:
I can easily access the server on my local machine and on other machines in my local connection.
But every time someone tries to connect to <my_ddns>:8080 from outside of my local connection, an endless loading screen appears and nothing else happens:

I can’t understand what I’m doing wrong.
Thanks in advance

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Same questions here,
a guideline or a tutorial would be really welcome.
Thank you.

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Mhh, I guess we are the only ones facing this problem, Jeff.


The documentation on server sharing (including the ports) can be found here: https://docs.omniverse.nvidia.com/prod_nucleus/prod_nucleus/usage/workstation.html

We will make sure to add this topic to our upcoming training videos.

Hope this solves it, let us know if you still have issues.

@Jeff_Costello , @zintugabriele
If after making sure the ports are open as per the doc link above. If you still have an issue can you capture the chrome network logs? Both the network (HAR) and console logs. These will help us understand the issue.

Thanks for the reply! @vbrisebois @mirice
I’ve opened all the ports listed in the documentation.
Using a port check tool (Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router), the ones that result open are

After a few tries, I’ve found out that it’s possible to recreate the same issue locally just by stopping either one of “Auth” or “Discovery Service” services, that’s why I suspect one or both of those services may be the cause.
The logs are attached to this message.
Chrome-console.log (3.0 KB) (10.3 MB)

@zintugabriele - Thank you for the information!

The problem is nothing that you did wrong. At the moment the Workstation Nucleus infrastructure will only allow for local area servers to use the collaboration services. This issue specifically has to do with the authentication logic. The muxing of private and public IPs.

I have raised this issue internally. (OM-2981).

At this time i do not have a workaround for using workstation based nucleus between clients outside of a local area.

Thanks for the information.
Isn’t there a way to bypass the authentication? That’s probably a stupid question, but I guess it’s worth a try.
Also, any idea when it will be possible to share a server outside of a LAN?