Setting up Omniverse for collaboration on local network

Hi all,
I am trying to set up Nucleus Server, installed on our local server to allow collaboration.

  1. I enabled sharing from the Nucleus admin account
  2. Created a user and send him an invitation email
  3. Opened the invitation link but it the page does not load
  4. Opening create and clicking AddServer - localhost gives me error.
  5. I only installed Cache & Create on the client machine, do I need to install Nucleus on it as well?

btw I followed both of these tutorials:

  • I have have set up by mistake two nucleus folders on the local server, one weights 10gb and another one few mb. It is obvious which one contains projects, though I am still scared to delete the other one as every time I modify something with the Omniverse Launcher (installing, uninstalling etc.) that smaller folder modification date updates.

Is there any way to make sure that I canm safely delete that folder?


Yes, you need to install Nucleus on the client as well. The Nucleus server holds all the USD translations for all of your files. It is very important to enabling the collaboration features of Omniverse.

To modify your folders, just log into your administrator account and you can delete them from there.

  • Click the folder icon next to ‘Local Nucleus Service’ to bring up Omniverse Nucleus Navigator. Log in using the Administrator account
  • Connect to System Monitor by opening http://localhost:3080 in a browser. Check that all apps are listed as ‘Running’
  • Connect to Navigator by opening http://localhost:34080 in a browser. Log in using ‘admin’ or ‘omniverse’ for both the username and password
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Hi Wendy,
when installing Nucleus on the other machine (local network), should I choose other location than the original Nucleus folder I created on the local server?
It asks me to choose the paths for the Nucleus server and to create a new admin account but all I want is to connect to the existing Nucleus server.

Hi Wendy, sorry but is there any step by step, straight forward tutorial how to set up Omniverse Create for collaboration? I can’t find it anywhere in the documentation / provided YT tutorials.

If you are looking to add a Nucleus server, you can do that through the stand-alone Navigator app or in Create using the “Add Server” buttons. The user must have an account on the Nucleus server they are attempting to add. So, if you are the admin of the server, you must add the user, and have an email sent to them. Also, the server you are attempting to share cannot be named “localhost”

You will just need to put in the server-name you are attempting to connect to.

Navigator docs should help with adding servers to use.
Omniverse Nucleus Navigator 3 — Omniverse Installation Guide documentation (


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Hi @dlindsey , thanks for your answer!
I believe the “localhost” name could cause my issues. Though, while creating new server the name I entered was s20m. In fact it is displayed as localhost (s20m).

Anyways, I created new user and send him an invitation link, but whenever I open the link from the invited user machine it takes me to his own localhost server I had to create there in order to have a Nucleus service up and running.

How can I create a brand new Nucleus Server (always located on our local network server) ?


Check those two videos, I am available to ascertain nucleus collaboration with IP address works for you if need be, let’s schedule a time and day to collaborate on a simple project like a box!

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Hi @omokanyeoluseyi . Thanks for your reply.
I managed to connect from my collegue’s machine as a different user by inserting my machine’s ip address instead of localhost - makes sense.

The first issue we had was that all the texture / usd paths had localhost name to it which had to be changed to my machine IP number. We easily resolved it with a USD Paths tool (my God, I wish Maya path tools works as well as your one does :P ).

Anyway, even though the Nucleus folder sits on our local server, my machine is still a host. Meaning that the moment I restart / turn off my machine, everybody else looses access to the Nucleus server. On the top of that, everything takes longer to load from my collegue’s machine, as if he has to first access files through my host machine and then get them from the our common server location… - not the ideal solution.

I am wondering how can I install Nucleus directly on our Synology server which is a Linux based system.

best regards,