Where can I find information on what to put into the Nucleus server window?

I can’t for the life of me find any step-by-step documentation of how I connect to Nucleus Server after I have installed it, all documentation says “add you data folder”. If I add the folder I installed Nucleus Server to, it won’t connect…

Say I install the server at “C:\NucleusServer” what do I type into the field when I click “connect to server”?

I’m testing out Omniverse, but I never thought I would be stuck this early…

@steffen as another OV user, it can be slightly confusion at the start because there are a couple pieces at play here. but don’t sweat, you came to the right place for questions. the devs/mods are helpful and ready to help out.

during the OV Launcher install, you would be prompted to set up a credential and install paths (library, data, and cache). from the sound of it, you’ve already went through the OV Launcher installation and gotten the paths set up, which is great. now, the OV Nucleus is something that we need to set up to tie everything together. it acts as the hub where information is distributed to OV apps/programs such as Composer, Presenter, Issac Sim, etc. and is also how the OV connectors work should you want to have OV apps talk to other DCCs like Maya, Max, Houdini, etc.

if you are simply wanting to try OV out, the most standard way to set up that Nucleus is to create a local server called “localhost”. you can scale up later on with the Enterprise version that will enable you to collaborate between more than 2 users. to do that, you have two options under the Nucleus tab in your OV Launcher:

  1. click on “Add Local Nucleus Service”

  2. click on “Connect to a Server”

either option will prompt an authentication window where you will have to type out the server name as shown below:

this is where you will want to enter “localhost”

Now, and a browser will pop up asking you to enter your credentials. you will want to use the credential you’ve set up during the Launcher installation here. (notice that “Localhost” is above the fields because that’s the Nucleus server we are trying to connect to).

and once you’ve filled everything out your Nucleus tab in your Launcher should look something like this with your username next to the “localhost” server in apprentices (my username is set to “admin”, so that’s what you are seeing here):

if you are able to follow along and see the localhost in your Nucleus tab, you should be good to go. in case you’d like to know more about OV Nucleus and what it does, you can watch the video on the Nucleus documentation page.