Cannot add Local Nucleus Service


I’m new to Omniverse and I’m trying to set up the Nucleus service so I can connect from UE4. In the Omniverse Launcher I’m under the impression I need to setup a Local Nucleus Server so I can store my creations.
When I click the Nucleus tab, the Add Local Nucleus Service button is there but doesn’t do anything and there’s a spinning wheel below the “+” symbol…curious if this has to do w the outage?

It can be the outage or you may have a launcher update to do, click on the little bell icon in the upper right (notifications) to see if you have an update available for the launcher.

Thanks @vbrisebois , it has since worked and I was able to add the service. Now just waiting for the C4D connector :)
Also, the render and farm agent weren’t working but I’m guessing it had to do w the outages as well - will try again soon.

Thanks again!