Localhost - Cannot log in


Just Installed Nucleus and added my localhost, started running all aplication services.
Nucleus currently looks like this.

It says Local Nucleus Service at the top but does nothing when i try to launch. There appears to be no server in the side panel under Omniverse.
When i click on add server and type in localhost, an Authenticate window pops up

For some reason no credentials that i have made with this entire process seems to log me in. no email address no usernames seem to work. I am not typing anything in wrong because i can log into the omniverse app just fine, and the website and anything else related to this, but the localhost doesn’t accept any of these. Am i missing somthing?


I just created a new omniverse account and it still does not work.

@luke101 i am just a fellow OV user, so take what you will with the following input. while i haven’t encountered this issue, i’d like to confirm the exact issue you are expressing.

is the issue pertaining to the fact the authentication window (in your screenshot) keeps spinning and doesn’t prompt a web browser tab? if so, which browser are you using? FWIW, here is a quick instruction with notes from my personal experience that may or may not be relevant: Cannot log into localhost nucleus - "Wrong credentials or the user does not exist." - #2 by Simplychenable

if inclined, you could try uploading your launcher log file for further investigation in case it’s related to something else altogether. you can find the .log here:

  • Windows - %userprofile%\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\launcher.log
  • Linux - ~/.nvidia-omniverse/logs/launcher.log

You just saved me! I saw a few threads on this topic but none mentioned a “fallback login” using admin and admin for both username and password. This worked straight away. so happy. Thanks a bunch!

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to clarify, the nucleus localhost server login should be the one you have set up during the nucleus service installation. you’d get the Create Administrator Account prompt after clicking on Add Local Nucleus Service:



and, i am honestly not sure why some users experience odd login behaviors while others seem to have no problem. regarding the fallback, it’s actually in the official doc, but it’s quite hidden and can be easily overlooked on the first go-around:

Authentication and User Management — Omniverse Nucleus latest documentation (nvidia.com) (see step #5 under the nucleus workstation section when removing the auth database)

@luke101 off topic, i love your work! thinking about trying out Omniverse for your animations? 👀

I am glad you got back in. If it is just you using Nucleus I would keep the “admin” / “admin” setup

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Thanks a lot! Your work is fantastic too.
I have been interested in the Omniverse for some time but never l been in a position to get into it until now. I will probably try my next animation using it to get to grips with it.

Hello. I cannot i was able to create an admin account, but it still didn’t work.Any tips?

@Josiahgil could you try uploading the launcher log (links can be found in posts above)? and which is your default browser?

launcher.log (288.5 KB)

My default browser is edge.

could you take a screenshot of the nucleus tab in the OV Launcher?

Sorry, i found the issue, a few months ago, i used the cmd commands “netsh int ipv6 set glob defaultcurhoplimit=65” & “netsh int ipv4 set glob defaultcurhoplimit=65” which can cause issues, i replaced “65” with 128 and it works great now, also i disasbled proxy but that didn’t fix it, ‘TTL 65’ was the problem. (I used it to bypass internet throttling but i will have to reconsider this in the future) For now i want to thank you for the quick help.

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Glad to hear you figured it out