Cant Log in to connect local host

Tried to use Create today like i have in the past with no issue but the local host wasn’t loaded and when trying to log in with my account it said it wasn’t valid, tried making a new account and got this message “Unable to send results back to the application that initiated the authentication. This error message is expected if your client was released prior to year 2021.”

Hi @user51185. Sorry to hear you are unable to log into local host. I informed our tech support to help troubleshoot this issue. We should hear back shortly!

hello @user51185
Did you install or update any portions of Omniverse between the time it “worked” and now? Like Cache or Nucleus?

Can you enter this into your browser http://localhost:3080/ and click on the “Apps” tab. Are all the services running? can you screen shot that page and send it to us?