"localhost" server won't accept my credentials

When I create my local server “localhost” and try to connect I can’t due to error “Wrong credentials or user does not exist.” I’ve freshly installed the app, and tried multiple times to log out, then log back in, uninstall the current server, and create a new one.
Looking at the Ports in “Configure Ports” of the Server settings shows no ports (So a blank page) available.
I’ve Uploaded the error doc for authentication below as well as a screengrab of the ports page.

Auth (1).log (24.3 KB)

Please help. I want to use Omniverse for my game and other projects, but it looks like a dud at this point. I’ve been trying for hours.

@otero.alexander38 i am just a fellow OV user, but see if the steps outlined in this post helps with your situation:

could you also upload a screenshot of the Nucleus tab within the OV Launcher? i am curous to see whether the nucleus service was set up correctly since there should be services present under the apps tab of the OV system monitor view.

Looking at your system monitor display in the above image, it looks like you do not actually have a local Nucleus installed.
Can you please send an image of what version you have installed through Launcher? It would be under your Nucleus tab at the top.