Reinstalling Omniverse after a failed Nucleus update

Windows 10, Quadro RTX 5000, 466.11.

I had been using Omniverse create and view on this system for about 3-4 months. On Monday, there was an option to update Nucleus which I started (before I noticed the outage warnings). Needless to say, that update failed. I ended up with the apps/launcher/etc, but they could only access local files, my local Nucleus was out to lunch. So, I downloaded and ran the launcher-cleanup tool and let it delete anything it wanted to (data and all). I then downloaded the latest launcher installer. I could install all the apps, etc, but I ended up with this for Nucleus:

The “add local…” button does nothing when I click on it. There is only the attached launcher.log file in the .nvidia-omniverse directory.
launcher.log (9.3 KB)
What is worrisome is that there is no AppData/Local/ov directory at all.
< quick update, I was able to install “drive” from the exchange and it created the ‘ov’ directory with drive in it, but overall the original problem still remains >

What do I need to do to re-install Omniverse on this machine?

hello @randy.frank - One of the applications that are still offline is Nucleus workstation. I am sorry but until this gets resolved you cannot re-install. I will monitor the progress and send you update when I get more clarity when it is expected to be online.

Latest Update! Nucleus Services have been restored. We are still experiencing difficulties with Cache & Audio2Face installations.

Update! Cache has installations have been restored. Please download / update to version 2022.1.0. Audio2Face is still down.