Can't access files stored on Local Nucles Servise

I don’t understand what is the problem. I performed a complete reinstallation several times, create an account, log into it, everything connects, but after that it gives such an error and does not give access to files.

I hope someone fix this, because l have the same problem

Hello @anon49003592 & @EnocSoto. Are you able to Click the Start button to start the Nucleus System Monitor? Can you click on the “Download Log” icon and attach it here, please?


Nucleus.log (1016.2 KB)

I do hope someone can fix this since I also have the same problem. Will watching this post.

I am having the same problem after updating to nucleus-workstation 2022.4.0. The settings window shows the service as “stopped” and if I try to restart, I get an “error”. I tried doing a cleanup and removing all files and the omniverse system monitor. Starting from a clean install just installing nucleus and the same thing happens. There were no issues running with the previous version of workstation 2022.2.0.

We have been able t replicate this issue, and are actively working on a fix.

This should all be fixed in current public Nucleus release.