Fail to connect to localhost

Everything was going great until yesterday. But suddenly I can’t access in Local Nucleus Service.

Auth.log (1.1 MB)
Discovery Service.log (4.8 MB)

May I ask what changed yesterday?
I see the services have stopped, have you restarted the services?

Nothing changed i think. I just installed the omniverse cache from EXCHANGE.

Everytime i restart the sevices, Discovery service and Auth shows Error and then shows Stopped.

Please apply the logs so we can investigate the errors.

Have you restarted your computer since installing cache?

I’ve been restart computer for 5 times still can’t create localhost.

Here’s my Discovery service and Auth log.
Auth.log (1.1 MB)
Discovery Service.log (4.8 MB)

Hi guys,

I am experiencing the same issues and it’s brought production to a halt.

I upgraded my Nucleus launcher and all my tools and now have issues with my discovery service and authorisation. It cannot find my localhost.

I do have my system manager pointing to a NAS drive (auth, nucleus, etc.) which worked fine for a year. Has that now been deprecated?

I will post my logs once I’m in work.

Have been really pleased with Omniverse for several years. Hope I can resolve this!


Here is a walkthrough of what happens when I try to connect to my Nucleus server:

  1. Current Setup
    a) Standalone Server on a small studio LAN
    b) Omniverse files stored on a separate NAS drive
    c) Omniverse Artist working on a separate machine on the LAN

This happened right after upgrading.

Web browser did not open

Could not reconnect (even though I was attempting to log in ON THE SERVER

Restarting services simply errored out

Cache lost it’s referencing as well

Uploading: image.png…

All of my system services for Omniverse are pointing to an ip that represents my NAS, and is not a loopback ip.
Could this be the problem?

Also of note, the current Omniverse Server PC is running Windows 10.
Is this also a factor?

Thanks guys!


Cache.log (2.8 MB)
Auth.log (2.1 MB)
Discovery Service.log (1.9 MB)

Here are the relevant log files!

Nucleus workstation does not support being installed on or having storage allocated on a NAS. The storage and services all need to be running on local storage.