Omniverse could not connect to the authentication service

Omniverse could not connect to the authentication service, I can not open the localhost.

I’m assuming this is localhost Nucleus.

Can you go to http://localhost:3080/ in your browser and validate all the services are running?

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It displays ‘Cannot connect to System Monitor Backend.’

Please use the Nucleus → Launch button in the hamburger menu in Launcher and if you need to click the Restart All button.

still can not. It seems there is something wrong with the internet connection. So strange. the Nucleus interface is like this. There is no localhost under Omniverse option. And I have already created a a Server.

I have the same problem and I can’t find a solution. please help.

Please open your system monitor by going to the hamburger menu-> settings.
You need to validate the server is running locally, as well as all the services included.

Make sure you add your localhost as the server you’re connecting to
Make sure you’re logging in with credentials that are proper, and you can always check on localhost using admin:admin

It appears you do not have local host Nucleus installed.