Issue launching omniverse system monitor

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been experimenting some issues while launching the system monitor and nucleus at startup. I’m running Omniverse Launcher 1.9.10 in Ubuntu 20.04 and almost every time I enter Omniverse and launch the cache settings I get a blank page or an error in my web browser. Some other times what happens is that I manage to enter the dashboard but the cache throws an error and the local Nucleus Cache throws this error: Cannot connect to System Monitor Backend. However, when I launch the Nucleus Navigator app I can see that I’m connected to localhost.

This are the current versions of Nucleus and cache settings I’m using:
Type: Workstation
Cache: 2023.2.3
Nucleus: 3.3.4

I’ve attached a log file of the result of trying to restart cache app in the cache settings dashboard for more clarity.
Cache.log (1.1 MB)

Thank you in advance for your help!


@virgilio.gomez.lambo , I would need some more information. We’d need your system monitor logs as well. Also, you said you have a localhost connection, what version of Nucleus are you running?