Fail to connect to omniverse local host

Hello, I installed the omniverse launcher and nucleus on my local computer according to the instructions, but I can’t access localhost, even the system monitor settings. The address is localhost:3080, and the browser prompts that localhost has refused to connect.
my os is win10

Hi feisimiao,

One of the most common reasons why this happens is that there is a personal firewall enabled on the PC, either the native Windows Defender, or a third-party firewall that is blocking the ports.

For testing, please disable the firewall temporarily and try and access the following URL’s in your preferred web browser:

http://localhost:34080/ (This is the native Nucleus web port)
http://localhost:3080/ (This is the native System Monitor port)

Please report back and let us know if this resolved your issue.


I am facing similar issue when I try to login to NVIDIA OMNIVERSE launcher. I tried disabling the firewall but no luck.
Any other suggestions ?