[localhost] (NUCLEUS) service is not accessible. Check your network connection~

This is my first time installing Omniverse. I can’t access in Local Nucleus Service. My network(LAN) works well. Idk why error happens.

I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling but not helped.

Plus, is there any possibility that the fact that my computer is in university institution can make this error happened? (network connection)

Please check in your service monitor and make sure your services are running properly.

go to the hamburger menu in launcher and select the settings menu item.

Thanks for the reply. Here is my screenshot of settings menu.

One service (Nucleus) has been stopped, so I attached the log file of that service.
omni.server.app.log (618.6 KB)

Thank you.

Looking at the logs, it appears you’re attempting to run Nucleus in a directory with utf characters in the name.
Unfortunately, this is not supported, and you’ll need to install and run Nucleus in a different directory with standard ansi characters.

Wow, now it is working. Thank you so much.

Just to add for other users, my Windows account name was in Korean, which caused the error. It’s hard to rename a Windows account, so I created a new Windows account in English, but localhost didn’t appear in the NUCLEUS of the new Windows account. However, when I deleted nucleus from the old Windows account, I was able to find localhost in the new Windows account.

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