Cannot create local Nucleus Service

Hi , One day I switched on my PC and Omniverse launcher is started. but showed “The Nucleus service appears to be unresponsive.” message and will never start it any more.
I need your help to resolve this issue.

Ubuntu 20.04
RTX3090(Driver Version: 515.43.04]

1.clear cache and reinstall it. ---> no change
  1. clear the all data by cleanup tool
    sudo ./launcher-cleanup
    —> no change

3.uninstall and create new Local Nucleus service
–>no change

12:10:32.638 › Retrying to register an account in 5s, error: Error: Failed to connect to the discovery service localhost
at up._connect (/tmp/.mount_omniveGwIVTw/resources/app.asar/dist/main.js:345:398879)
at runMicrotasks ()
at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)
at async up.find (/tmp/.mount_omniveGwIVTw/resources/app.asar/dist/main.js:345:397987)
at async Ze.retries (/tmp/.mount_omniveGwIVTw/resources/app.asar/dist/main.js:345:412456)
at async Ze (/tmp/.mount_omniveGwIVTw/resources/app.asar/dist/main.js:345:260027)
at async onInstallerProgress (/tmp/.mount_omniveGwIVTw/resources/app.asar/dist/main.js:345:409750)
12:10:37.647 › Failed to connect to the discovery service using port-based routing (ws://localhost:3333): {
target: {
_events: {
message: ‘[function] function a(e){,new n(e,this))}’,
open: ‘[function] function l(){,new s(this))}’,
error: ‘[function] function c(e){,new o(e,this))}’,
close: ‘[function] function p(e,i){,new r(e,i,this))}’
_eventsCount: 4,
_binaryType: ‘arraybuffer’,
_closeCode: 1006,
_closeFrameReceived: false,
_closeFrameSent: false,
_closeMessage: ‘’,
_closeTimer: null,
_extensions: {},
_protocol: ‘’,
_readyState: 3,
_receiver: null,
_sender: null,
_socket: null,
_bufferedAmount: 0,
_isServer: false,
_redirects: 0,
_url: ‘ws://localhost:3333’,
_req: null

  1. check the config file in the /nucleus-workstation-2022.1.2/ folder
    I found the below config file.but my system is not windows.
    it looks windows setting…

~/.local/share/ov/pkg/nucleus-workstation-2022.1.2/setup/configs/Nucleus$ cat Omniverse.toml
instdir = “C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Omniverse\Nucleus”
parent_product_name = “Omniverse”
product_name = “Nucleus”
version = “113.19”
shortcut_name = “”
exe_name = “”
exe_cmdline = “”
multi_user = “Admin”
auto_launch = true
use_launcher = true
visible_to_users = true
use_task_scheduler = false
save_manifest = false

<http://localhost:3080/ information>
Cannot connect to System Monitor Backend.

Hello @mikaneda. I’ve asked the dev team to take a look. I’ll post back when I have more information.

Hello Wendy. Thank you for your response.
If I need to provide more information such a log file or setting, please let me know.

hey Mikaneda,

I had same error, and while it sounds elementary, did you restart your comp? worked for me after a full system restart.

Hi michael,

I couldn’t resolve this failure to restart PC.
After occurred this symptom, I cannot create local nucleus any more.

Hi , I can resolved to removed all folder below.


after execute omniverse-launcher-linux.AppImage, start reinstall.

Thank you!