Unable to connect UE & OV Create to OV Nucleus

Hey fellas! So I have a host and a couple of clients, each with Omniverse installed and such. I have previously successfully connected my client devices to the host before, all in local network. After attempting to use another device as a host, I encounter this message when logging in after adding connection from the Omniverse plug-in in UE and from adding server in OV Create:
Unable to send results back to the application that initiated the authentication. This error message is expected if your client was released prior to year 2021

I have UE 4.27.2 installed, with Local Nucleus Service 2021.3.2 on all devices. And I don’t see any updates prompt for OV Create.
On the client side, I am able to access the host Nucleus via hostIP:8080 and share files with the host, viewable by other clients.

So the question becomes, why can’t I connect my apps to Nucleus?
I have opened a list of ports including 80, 8080(just in case), 3100, 3180 and 8888. To clarify, I have no background on IT so I may have done some parts excessively.
Let me know if you need anything else from me to help resolve this. Cheers!

hello @user113033 - I am a bit unclear as to exactly what is happening, but if you are having issues connecting to the Nucleus on the “new host”, can you please make sure that sharing is enabled? On a given Nucleus server, need to go to http://localhost:3080/ Then at the “Apps” tab make sure sharing…