Complete newbie: I've installed it... now what?

I’m working through the “Installing an Enterprise Nucleus Server” instructions - no SSO, no SSL at this point - and can pull up the Navigator:

If I double-click on the “” icon, I’m asked to log in. With which credentials? admin/admin and omniverse/omniverse don’t work.

Authentication and User Management — Omniverse Nucleus latest documentation talks about being able to create users… but I don’t see any of that, probably because I’m unable to log in.

It seems like I’m missing something big, and I don’t know what that is. Help?

Oh, and trying to access http://localhost:3080 returns “Unable to connect.”

so, localhost:3080 is only for running system monitor on a localhost running machine.

If you spun up the enterprise server, you should have been prompted to create a password for your default user which is omniverse

Thanks for confirming the ‘localhost’ question.

Yes, I spun up Enterprise Server on an Ubuntu 22.04 LTS box and I’m running the correct version of Docker. I am not prompted to set / change a password when I attempt to log in with “omniverse” as the username.

The “AUTHENTICATE” dialog appears when I double-clicked on the “” icon.

When you ran the docker compose, it prompts you to create a default password, that is what you are supposed to use.

It did not. I followed these instructions: Installing an Enterprise Nucleus Server — Omniverse Nucleus latest documentation

(Which of the three ‘docker compose’ commands is supposed to ask me to set a default password?)

Please look at this section, Installing an Enterprise Nucleus Server — Omniverse Nucleus latest documentation (
It specifically calls out the configuring of the Nucleus password.

Yes, I did that when editing the nucleus-stack.env file.

What username should I use - omniverse, or admin, or something else entirely?
Should I be entering the MASTER_PASSWORD or the SERVICE_PASSWORD?

(The documentation’s a little sparse, and, I think, assumes some knowledge of a fully-functioning Nucleus Server installation, which a first-time installer (like me) wouldn’t have.)

You should use omniverse and your master password.

@spencer7 , if you are having problems with getting this up and running, the most effective way to help is to reach out to your enterprise support team member.

Thank you!

Good morning. I am able to log in using omniverse and the MASTER_PASSWORD I set up when installing. Right-clicking on the ‘’ in the list on the left yields no administrative options - all I see there is ‘New Mount / New Folder / Rename / API Tokens / Log Out / Clear Cached Folders / About.’

I haven’t received the name of my ‘enterprise support team member’ yet; I’ve asked. (They did that part, and e-mailed me the license entitlement letter and said ‘Please install this.’)

The version of Navigator on your server has administration/user management in the lower left corner (the little person icon)

Thank you for that. I’ve created a new user - me - and was asked for username / first name / last name / e-mail address. Not asked for a password. When I log out (of the omniverse account) and attempt to log in as the user i just created, it’s asking for a password I’ve not been given the opportunity to provide.

You need to click the invite user button on the right panel.

That will copy a link to your clip board, you can paste it into an incognito browser and set a password for that user.

Thank you - I did end up reaching out to the person who is my “…enterprise support team member…” and they were able to assist.