Failed to connect to the server

Hello guys!

I am looking forward to trying omniverse in my workflow, but I just wasn’t able to do so until now, because the Lucal Nucleus Service refuses to connect to the server. It just keep saying “failed to connect to the server”.
I opened ALL the ports that Omniverse needs in the router, but the problem still persists.

In the Omniverse web server every service seems to be up and running except for the nucleus thing. Doesn’t matter how many times I click on start, it will just keep showing “error”.

How could I discover what’s not working?

Thank you in advance.

hello @saimon1987 - Sorry you are having issues with the Nucleus Server. Can you collect the logs and send them to us?

The folders in this log location may not match what you have (depends on version and what is installed). Would like to collect all folders and any files in the main logs location folder.

Hello @mirice and thank you very much for your assistance. Of course! Here you have those logs zipped.

I will cross my fingers!

Thank you in advance.
logs.rar (305.6 KB)

hello @saimon1987
Thanks for the data. Can I request some port status information?
From command prompt, can you type
netstat -ba

Note: may need to run the above command with Admin privilege

hello @saimon1987
Please hold off on the above request. Do not send data yet

Ok @mirice I will wait then :)

@mirice I replied to your message on our private channel.

hello @saimon1987 -
The problem was the installation path used for the data folders. These were placed in “C:\Program Files”. Permission errors when getting portions of nucleus.

To fix:

  1. use clean up tool and remove all (Cleanup-Tool — Omniverse Launcher documentation)
  2. reinstall launcher and use defaults for data location
  3. install cache and Nucleus