Cannot connect from LAN peer

For some reason I cannot connect to my nucleus workstation instance from anything but localhost.
omnicli can connect to omniverse://localhost but fails with the IP of my ethernet device even on the same machine.

it looks like the server listens on all devices, but the discovery server only listens on localhost  971029 florian   52u  IPv4 16762670      0t0  TCP *:3009 (LISTEN)
omni-discovery-  970979 florian    7u  IPv4 16799473      0t0  TCP localhost:3333 (LISTEN)

@florian.haenel have you already enabled sharing?

there are few other threads that may provide additional insight:

yes,s haring is enabled.

So I found a way to get it to work. I enabled sharing first, then uninstalled and reinstalled nucleus. this seems to have made it follow the configuration and listen to all network devices.

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interesting. this is good to know. thanks for reporting back! not sure if it’s a bug, so hopefully the mods/devs can see this and shed some light on this.