Nucleus Server within Omniverse Code Docker Container

We need to access Nucleus servers from within a container that has a Kit app with Replicator, like the omniverse-replicator container.

Using the Omniverse Launcher, I created an API token that I can send to the container.

I send the API token to container when opening in interactive mode:

docker run ---env OMNI_USER=$omni-api-token --env OMNI_PASS=XX-TOKEN-XXX -it --entrypoint bash --gpus all

I can’t verify access to Nucleus. Locally (outside of the container) I can verify access with curl via


This gives some html for a login webpage, but within the container I get a “Connetion Refused” error. If I need to set up a custom container, whose base image is omniverse-replicator, what should I add to the Dockerfile to create access?


I forgot the additional flag --network host This fixes the issue.

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