Cannot establish connection to the server


Hi @359595047 - were you able to resolve this? We have an overview video: Getting Started on Windows with the NVIDIA Omniverse Launcher - YouTube

The issue may be related to admin rights…please let me know and we will help fix!


P.S. We are constantly adding new tutorials and aggregate them all in the “learn” tab on the launcher (also see: NVIDIA Omniverse Tutorials | NVIDIA Developer).

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PLEASE NOTE: If you are reporting a bug/issue, please provide OS, GPU, GPU Driver, the version of the app, and full log file (if applicable). For crashes, please zip and provide a link to your logs → C:\Users\ [YOUR NAME] \ .nvidia-omniverse\logs

Hi, i encountered the same problem, can you tell me how to fix it? Thanks.

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Hello I have the same problem now, can you tell me how did you fix it?