Why i can't connect to nucleus?

Nucleus.log (1.0 MB)

I can tell you are a person of few words, @user130397 … the 007 of the Omniverse community - I love it…and welcome to the forums!

As much as we like a good mystery, can you tell us a little something about what brought our paths together here? Are you using Omniverse for Individuals or Omniverse for Enterprise? Here’s a guide on what will help us help you: How to Report an issue with Omniverse - NVIDIA Omniverse Support

By the way, GTC Spring 2022 has been announced, is all virtual, and free! To register and receive the latest news: GTC 2022: #1 AI Conference


P.S. The Omniverse documentation site has more info and links to all tutorial videos (under the “Learning and Feedback” category on left nav bar): Omniverse Platform Overview — Omniverse Developer documentation

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