How Can I train a model Object Detection in Colab?

I trained a model on my Jetson Nano using the tutorial from Jetson-inference (Hello AI World). However, now I want to train a model on Google Colab instead of my Jetson Nano. Is there a tutorial available to guide me through this process using Google Colab?

Hi @jardel.vieira, I don’t have a tutorial specifically on using Google Colab, but if you are able to run PyTorch in it and install the other dependencies of (like pandas), then you should be able to. I do regularly train the models on PC with the same code that runs on the Jetson. You can just clone the pytorch-ssd submodule instead of the whole jetson-inference repo:

Then when you’ve trained it, you can export the ONNX, and copy the ONNX (and labels.txt) to your Jetson and proceed normally.

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