How can I use global invocation of device functions in CMake when they are distributed across different files?

hello,i want to use the Dynamic parallelism in my files,while i have a global function and i want to use the device function in the file,

and i add the cudadevrt in the CmakeLists

how can i solve it?

Please do not post pictures of code on this forum.

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thank you for advice,
now i have an easy model,i got like this

include <stdio.h>
include “cuda_runtime.h”
include “device_launch_parameters.h”
include “hel/hel.cuh”

global void hello_world(void)
int main(){
printf(“CPU: Hello world!\n”);
hello_world <<<2, 200>>>();
// cudaDeviceReset must be called before exiting in order for profiling and
// tracing tools such as Nsight and Visual Profiler to show complete traces.
return 0;

and i have a like this

include “hel.cuh”
include “stdio.h”
device void spherical_harmonics_d()

and the hello.cuh like this
#ifndef HEL_CUH

define HEL_CUH

device void spherical_harmonics_d();


but i got the problem like below ,please tell me how to fix it

you will need to specify relocatable device code with device linking. I know how to do this for nvcc but not Cmake. Cmake is not a NVIDIA product. I think you can probably find how to do it with google.