Help with CMake build of CUDA project, resolving `ptxas fatal : Unresolved extern function '_Z8XFluxRhoiiiPKfiii'`

Hello, I have a magnetohydrodynamics simulation that I wrote, and which I am struggling to build with CMake for the reason specified in the title.

After googling, I think the crux of the issue is that I have a family of __device__ functions defined in a file which are called in __global__ kernels that are defined in separate files. Here is the CMakeLists.txt

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.12)

find_package(CUDAToolkit REQUIRED)



add_library(helper_lib STATIC ../include/
add_library(diffusion_lib STATIC ../include/
add_library(fluxes_lib STATIC ../include/
add_library(kernels_od_lib STATIC ../include/
add_library(initialize_od_lib STATIC ../include/
add_library(intvar_lib STATIC ../include/
add_library(utils_lib STATIC ../include/utils.cpp)


target_link_libraries(fluxes_lib PRIVATE helper_lib)
target_link_libraries(intvar_lib PRIVATE fluxes_lib)
target_link_libraries(kernels_od_lib PRIVATE fluxes_lib diffusion_lib helper_lib)
target_link_libraries(imhd-cuda PRIVATE kernels_od_lib initialize_od_lib intvar_lib utils_lib)

target_link_libraries(write-grid PRIVATE kernels_od_lib)
target_link_libraries(write-grid PRIVATE initialize_od_lib)
target_link_libraries(write-grid PRIVATE utils_lib)

set_target_properties(kernels_od_lib PROPERTIES CUDA_ARCHITECTURES 75)
set_target_properties(initialize_od_lib PROPERTIES CUDA_ARCHITECTURES 75)
set_target_properties(fluxes_lib PROPERTIES CUDA_ARCHITECTURES 75)
set_target_properties(intvar_lib PROPERTIES CUDA_ARCHITECTURES 75)
set_target_properties(diffusion_lib PROPERTIES CUDA_ARCHITECTURES 75)
set_target_properties(helper_lib PROPERTIES CUDA_ARCHITECTURES 75)
set_target_properties(imhd-cuda PROPERTIES CUDA_ARCHITECTURES 75)
set_target_properties(write-grid PROPERTIES CUDA_ARCHITECTURES 75)

The device functions in question are defined in, and the kernels which call them are defined in and The order in which I’ve added the libraries, and linked them together, accurately represents the dependencies amongst the code, but when I run

cmake ../src
make clean

I get the following:

~/Desktop/imhd-CUDA/build$ make
[  5%] Building CUDA object CMakeFiles/helper_lib.dir/home/matt/Desktop/imhd-CUDA/include/
[ 11%] Linking CUDA static library libhelper_lib.a
[ 11%] Built target helper_lib
[ 16%] Building CUDA object CMakeFiles/diffusion_lib.dir/home/matt/Desktop/imhd-CUDA/include/
[ 22%] Linking CUDA static library libdiffusion_lib.a
[ 22%] Built target diffusion_lib
[ 27%] Building CUDA object CMakeFiles/fluxes_lib.dir/home/matt/Desktop/imhd-CUDA/include/
[ 33%] Linking CUDA static library libfluxes_lib.a
[ 33%] Built target fluxes_lib
[ 38%] Building CUDA object CMakeFiles/kernels_od_lib.dir/home/matt/Desktop/imhd-CUDA/include/
ptxas fatal   : Unresolved extern function '_Z8XFluxRhoiiiPKfiii'
make[2]: *** [CMakeFiles/kernels_od_lib.dir/build.make:76: CMakeFiles/kernels_od_lib.dir/home/matt/Desktop/imhd-CUDA/include/] Error 255
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:179: CMakeFiles/kernels_od_lib.dir/all] Error 2
make: *** [Makefile:91: all] Error 2

What do I need to do in order to link these __device__ functions properly so that they can be resolved by the kernels? Any help is appreciated.

I’m not a CMake expert, and CMake is not a NVIDIA product. However the general thing you need is relocatable device code with device linking, to enable a kernel in one module to call a __device__ function defined in another module (compilation unit, file).

With a bit of searching you can find articles that discuss how to modify your CMakeLists.txt file in order to specify this kind of compilation. You will need something like:

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