How can I use the CAN bus on xavier?

When I use the AGX Xavier, the CAN bus can be used in the jetpack 4.4, but after I used the-air updates to r32.6 main, NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide : Over-The-Air Updates | NVIDIA Docs I can’t use it anymore.
The procedures about how I start the CAN bus is below.
I change the register values.
sudo busybox devmem 0x0c303000 32 0x0000C400
sudo busybox devmem 0x0c303008 32 0x0000C458
sudo busybox devmem 0x0c303010 32 0x0000C400
sudo busybox devmem 0x0c303018 32 0x0000C458.
Then I mount the CAN controllers and load the drivers.
sudo modprobe can
sudo modprobe can_raw
sudo modprobe mttcan.
Then I use it, and in jetpack4.4 it’s work well, but in jetpack 4.6 or through air update to 32.6 from 32.2,it cann’t work, so why and what can I do when I want to use the CAN bus on the higher edition jetpack?

Please check NVIDIA Jetson Linux Driver Package Software Features : Hardware Setup | NVIDIA Docs

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