How can I write DTB file without USB force recovery ?

In my production carrier board I removed USB OTG port, so how can I write DTB file ? Just like writing kernel Image by replacing /boot/Image .
Thanks !

Hi jiakai1000, you may wish to try one of the techniques from or otherwise directly modify the DTB in the partition.

If that doesn’t work for you, then you might also note which L4T release you are working with since DTB details differ among each release. R28.1 was easy if the system is up and running since you can dd right to the DTB partition. R28.2 seems to have added a signature which complicates things (though for production purposes this would be the way to go).

Greate ! I’m using R28.1, I will try, thanks!

Note that on R28.1 a running system could dd write the DTB partition (see “sudo gdisk -l /dev/mmcblk0”). The dtb will be less than the partition size, and NULL bytes padding on the end of the dtb will make the dtb match the partition size. This may not be the greatest approach though since the system must be up and running and if something goes wrong you can’t update this way (you’d have to put your board on a different carrier).

On R28.2 this seems to have changed due to a signing mechanmism, so you can’t do that on R28.2.