How do I install CUDA 11.0 on Windows 11 (NOT WSL2, Windows itself)

I have a machine with an NVIDIA RTX 3090 running Windows 11. I have downloaded a software package that can optionally use the GPU but it requires CUDA 11.0. When it goes to the NVIDIA website to download the installer, there isn’t one for Windows 11, just Windows 10 and some server versions. How do I install CUDA 11.0 on Windows 11? Please note - I am not trying to install it in WSL2 - I’m trying to install CUDA in Windows 11 itself.

My expectation would be that the Windows 10 installer is going to work just fine under Windows 11. Have you tried that? From what I can gather from the feature lists of NVIDIA driver releases, you would want to install CUDA 11.4.2 and the accompanying driver when using Windows 11.

Not yet - I was hoping someone at Microsoft or NVIDIA had already beta tested this. I’m probably going to drop back to Windows 10; I’m running into some pro audio software that isn’t beta tested on Windows yet and don’t really have the time to do free testing.

I consider that very likely. It is, however, much less likely that any such person would be frequenting this subforum. Staying with Windows 10 (if possible) seems like a wise choice to me; I do not like to be at the bleeding edge of Microsoft’s product development.

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I tried installing it on windows 11 without Nvidia gpu(I forgot I had removed it)
AND LOW AND BEHOLD it worked I was like bruh I spent 1400 Qatari rial’s/384usd for new pc and gpu and everything

Edit: even though I revived this topic 7 months later I’m glad I could help

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