How do I set the GPU to be used only for computation and not to render graphics

Hi all,

       I just got a GEForce 9400 GT at work and got it installed and ready to work. Most of the codes that I ve written so far are pretty small and run without problems even when I am using the GPU for rendering graphics as well as computing.
       But I wanted to know how to set it so that the Graphics card is used only for computation and not for Graphics rendering. I dont know much about hardware (I got into CUDA with just a bit of prior programming experience) so excuse me if my question is a little simplistic. My situation is that, my motherboard only has one PCI express slot and it doesn't have a graphics processor integerated on the Board either. But when I put in the Graphics card and before I installed it, I still got display. The IT person here told me that this display was being generated using a Generic VGA display driver.

        So what I want to know is, can I set it so that Display will be generated by the Generic display driver while my GPU can be used for computation.? I dont mind not having nice colors as long as I am able to run my programs.. Ll appreciate any advice from you guys.



If you’re running a display on the card, you’re still using the hardware for rendering, regardless of what driver you’re using.


 Thanks for the reply.. I had gotten the hardware and the driver confused with each other. Get it now..