How do I use I2S0 on my custom carrier

I’ve been reading through the forum and it is just not clear to me what I need to do to the dts to enable I2S0 so it shows up in aplay -l

I’ve used this chip with other ARM cores, so I am familiar with programming it. The codec works as master and is using AUD_DIN, AUD_CLK and AUD_FS on edge pins 195, 199 and 197. Reset is set to pin 181. For control, SPI is used, which I am using on 91,93,89 and 97 (which is SPI0).

I see the dev board is using I2S4. I tried to go through the DTB from the jetsonIO to see if I could figure it, but it was definitely not clear to me what to change to map things over.

Can anyone give me some clues on this?


What is really confusing is that in the pinmux, on the left side it refers to I2S0 but on the right side, I2S4

Have reference to below document.

The Jetson Nano module pinmux (pin multiplexing) spread sheet has the module pin names and pin numbers in the first two columns, and the SoC ball name in the 3rd column. The GPIOs and SFIO functions are covered in the pin muxing area.

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