How do we find the processes that use NVENC encoders?

I have a PC that has a GTX1080. I am trying to create two concurrent encoders. I get a NV_ENC_ERR_OUT_OF_MEMORY when I try to create a second encoder. As per the GPU support matrix (found at, two concurrent sessions should be supported. I am not sure which other process is using NVENC apart from the program that I am running. Is there a way to find this?

nvidia-smi encodersessions
this will print out the process id

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That works perfectly! Thanks :D

On a related note, for those facing the above problem of NV_ENC_OUT_OF_MEMORY on creation of the second encoder, my issue got solved by updating the nvidia driver. I faced the error at driver version - 442.23, and after updating to 451.48, it seems to work.