NVENC sometimes hang when running two simultaneous encoder sessions


I am facing an issue when using NVENC SDK to lively encode camera streams.
I have two encoder sessions in my system.
And sometimes, one of the encoder session will hang at start up. It can initialize encoder successfully. But when feeding frames into the encoder, it will hang infinitely and no encoded frames available at output.
This happens occasionally and makes it really hard to debug.
I used NVML to get some encoder information out of the system. And it seems like the encoder that hang had utilization of 34% initially and then all 0s.
The two encoder sessions run in parallel in two different threads.
Nvidia driver version is 384.59
Please let me know if there is anything I should check.



Could you try the R396 drivers, R384 drivers are old. Meanwhile, could you provide the following info:

  1. Operating System being used
  2. Graphics card being used
  3. Encode API version being used
  4. A standalone sample application which reproduces the issue

Ryan Park