Video encoding - runtime query number of NVENC

Is there any way of querying the number of nvenc during run time?
We are using multithreads to encode videos in our product and it is impossible to know the number of threads we can use. We used to try “NvEncOpenEncodeSession” and catch once the call failed, thus giving us the number of available encoders. However after upgrading drivers to 430 series - we get instability when closing and opening encoders (perhaps because of this routine of checking max supported encode sessions).
I know you have a detailed Support Matrix but I wouldn’t like to search this list according to detected GPU, this would be very high maintenance…
Do you have any ideas of how to solve this issue?


Hi Tamir,

There is no mechanism to retrieve this information at runtime.
Can you help me reproduce instability you see after upgrading to 430 series driver?