Questions about NVENC


I hope I’m in the right forum.

Let me introduce me. I am an application engineer IT/AV (Junior) in a Broadcast integration company. I help seller to choose computer which will do video mixing, editing, and streaming, Wallscreen… I spend a couple of hours to do research about NVENC.

I have some unsolved questions.

1° Does the “Max # of concurrent sessions“ gives the “Max # of stream” which can be encoded by NVENC chip at the same time ?

2° Is it true that NVENC chip of RTX family and GTX 16xx family does not support interleaved-field encoding? Here is my source “Do not choose NVIDIA “RTX” series cards if you want to use GPU encoding (NVEnc) for Interlaced TV formats! All RTX (Turing family) Nvidia cards do not support interlace field coding mode.” - System Recommendations – Cinegy Open

3° Does the Quadro Turing family is in the same case?

4° Quadro P2000 have an unrestricted # of concurrent sessions. What does it really mean? How many Youtube streams (expl: 1080p25 h264 lv4.0 @ 9mbps) can I handle with?

Thank you in advance.