Quadro Embedded P2000 NVENC Maximum Concurrent Session


According to NVIDIA Video Encode Decode GPU support Matrix, https://developer.nvidia.com/video-encode-decode-gpu-support-matrix, the Maximum concurrent encode sessions for P2000 should be unrestricted,but when our customer tested this, it reported error when they tried to open the 3rd session. Can you confirm, for Quadro-Embedded P2000,is the Maximum concurrent encode sessions unrestricted, or still limited to 2?

what():  NvEncoder : m_nvenc.nvEncOpenEncodeSessionEx(&encodeSessionExParams, &hEncoder) returned error 10 at NvCodec/NvEncoder/NvEncoder.cpp:55

Customer tried the same test with PCIe P2000 card and found no this issue.

Pan Deng

Just to update: customer tried with the latest 430 driver and there is no limitation any more.