How do you know if the performance of your gpu card is correct?


I would like to know if the performance I obtain for my cuda programs
follows what it should be expected from a 8800 GTX card.

I was wondering if NVIDIA provides some samples with the timing you
expect from them.

By ‘for my cuda programs’ do you mean the examples that are given or programs you have written? If you have written some programs and want to see if your system is performing up to par, you might be able to get a couple people who have 8800GTX cards and could give you their results. If they are slower, then you probably have a bottleneck do to some MB architecture difference or something similar (I’m by no means an expert on this, but plenty of people on here are and could probably help you if you think you have this problem).

You should get like 1350Mhz*128 = 172.8G operations per second.
In most cases you should start to be happy after 85-120G operations per second.