How to add pipeline in Deepstream app?

I’m trying to add a pipeline (tiler_src_pad_buffer_probe) in Deepstream_app from Deepstream_test3. But it’s not working. Deepstream_test3 hasn’t AppCtx and more keyword. (code is given below) This code portion I’m gonna trying to pest in deepstream_app from deepstream_test3. How can I pest properly.

static GstPadProbeReturn
tiler_src_pad_buffer_probe (GstPad * pad, GstPadProbeInfo * info,
    gpointer u_data)
    GstBuffer *buf = (GstBuffer *) info->data;
    guint num_rects = 0; 
    NvDsObjectMeta *obj_meta = NULL;
    guint vehicle_count = 0;
    guint person_count = 0;
    NvDsMetaList * l_frame = NULL;
    NvDsMetaList * l_obj = NULL;
    //NvDsDisplayMeta *display_meta = NULL;

    NvDsBatchMeta *batch_meta = gst_buffer_get_nvds_batch_meta (buf);

    for (l_frame = batch_meta->frame_meta_list; l_frame != NULL;
      l_frame = l_frame->next) {
        NvDsFrameMeta *frame_meta = (NvDsFrameMeta *) (l_frame->data);
        //int offset = 0;
        for (l_obj = frame_meta->obj_meta_list; l_obj != NULL;
                l_obj = l_obj->next) {
            obj_meta = (NvDsObjectMeta *) (l_obj->data);
            if (obj_meta->class_id == PGIE_CLASS_ID_VEHICLE) {
            if (obj_meta->class_id == PGIE_CLASS_ID_PERSON) {
          g_print ("Frame Number = %d Number of objects = %d "
            "Vehicle Count = %d Person Count = %d\n",
            frame_meta->frame_num, num_rects, vehicle_count, person_count);
#if 0
        display_meta = nvds_acquire_display_meta_from_pool(batch_meta);
        NvOSD_TextParams *txt_params  = &display_meta->text_params;
        txt_params->display_text = g_malloc0 (MAX_DISPLAY_LEN);
        offset = snprintf(txt_params->display_text, MAX_DISPLAY_LEN, "Person = %d ", person_count);
        offset = snprintf(txt_params->display_text + offset , MAX_DISPLAY_LEN, "Vehicle = %d ", vehicle_count);

        /* Now set the offsets where the string should appear */
        txt_params->x_offset = 10;
        txt_params->y_offset = 12;

        /* Font , font-color and font-size */
        txt_params->font_params.font_name = "Serif";
        txt_params->font_params.font_size = 10;
        txt_params-> = 1.0;
        txt_params-> = 1.0;
        txt_params-> = 1.0;
        txt_params->font_params.font_color.alpha = 1.0;

        /* Text background color */
        txt_params->set_bg_clr = 1;
        txt_params-> = 0.0;
        txt_params-> = 0.0;
        txt_params-> = 0.0;
        txt_params->text_bg_clr.alpha = 1.0;

        nvds_add_display_meta_to_frame(frame_meta, display_meta);

    return GST_PAD_PROBE_OK;

It is already in deepstream-app. It is a probe in source pad of primary-gie:


/* Lets add probe to get informed of the meta data generated, we add probe to
* the sink pad of the osd element, since by that time, the buffer would have
* had got all the metadata. */
tiler_src_pad = gst_element_get_static_pad (pgie, "src");
if (!tiler_src_pad)
g_print ("Unable to get src pad\n");
gst_pad_add_probe (tiler_src_pad, GST_PAD_PROBE_TYPE_BUFFER,
    tiler_src_pad_buffer_probe, NULL, NULL);


NVGSTDS_ELEM_ADD_PROBE (pipeline->common_elements.
    pipeline->common_elements.primary_gie_bin.bin, "src",
    gie_primary_processing_done_buf_prob, GST_PAD_PROBE_TYPE_BUFFER,

You may add the code in gie_primary_processing_done_buf_prob(). You can also try tn enable dsexample plugin.

Thanks DaneLLL for your response.

How could I find out that probe is working or not? Is there have any option, if find a person or vehicle then print a message or something else?. actually I have to need test this probe. Is it possible?

NVGSTDS_ELEM_ADD_PROBE (pipeline->common_elements.
        pipeline->common_elements.primary_gie_bin.bin, "src",
        gie_primary_processing_done_buf_prob, GST_PAD_PROBE_TYPE_BUFFER,

  if(*src_elem) {
    NVGSTDS_ELEM_ADD_PROBE (pipeline->common_elements.
          *src_elem, "src",
          analytics_done_buf_prob, GST_PAD_PROBE_TYPE_BUFFER,
    pipeline->common_elements.tee = gst_element_factory_make (NVDS_ELEM_TEE, "common_analytics_tee");
    if (!pipeline->common_elements.tee) {
      NVGSTDS_ERR_MSG_V ("Failed to create element 'common_analytics_tee'");
      goto done;

The result is in metadata and you can check write_kitti_output(). It demonstrates how to dump metadata into a file.
Or port tiler_src_pad_buffer_probe() to gie_primary_processing_done_buf_prob() for simply printing the result out.

Thanks DaneLLL. It’s working. You are very helpful, thanks again.

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