How to assign A2 GPU from my Hyper-V host running Win Server 2019 to VM Win Server 2019

Is it possible for me to assign my A2 GPU to my VM without buying a license or software from NVIDIA?

My physical server is HPE DL360 Gen10 Plus, I’m using Win Server 2019 Datacenter with Hyper-V, my BIOS is enabled for VM and the drivers are also updated.

I’m assigning my NVIDIA A2 GPU to my VM using DDA passthrough from my Hyper-V Server 2019 Datacenter. I tried to dismount my GPU PCIe from the host to assign it to my VM, but I keep receiving an error (the required virtualization driver “pcip.sys” failed to load). I’ve seen some recommendations to fix this, but it requires to edit the registry, which I’m not sure might cause additional issues.