how to automate the installation of JetPack 3.3 Components Manager

hi there,
when installing JetPack, the installation GUI would ask user to input lots of options, is there any config file which contains these choices so that i just need to copy the configged file and no need to choose again? thanks!

hello jin.wu,

all the packages has download and save to your local workstation once you choose them via JetPack components manager.
you may extract all the necessary packages into the rootfs before flashing, and using the flash scripts to update the device instead.
please also refer to [NVIDIA Tegra Linux Driver Package]-> [Development Guide]-> [Flashing and Booting the Target Device] for more details.

An expansion on the topic: JetPack is just a front end to other packages. The driver package does the actual flash. Once JetPack has downloaded what you need in the way you needed it you could just use the driver package and tell it to reuse the image (the “” option “-r”).

That would of course not contain any extra packages, but the jetpack_download directory would contain any extra packages. On the other hand, if you clone a system which is just as you want it, then you can use this with the driver package for fast installs. Just be sure you didn’t clone specific network setup of one Jetson, e.g., if that Jetson had been set up to use a particular IP address, then the clone would also be set up that way.

thanks for the replay. one more question, if i installed several packages and software in TX2, would all these packages and software be stored in backed up image?
i hope next time when i use to restore the image, all these packages and software do not need to install again.

hello jin.wu,

you may also refer to
please install required packages then create your own customize rootfs.

after i run “sudo ./ -r jetson-tx2 mmcblk0p1” to rocover system, i can not login the system using nvidia/nvidia

Do you have a serial console log from boot you can post here? Also, for the system.img.raw you created through the original clone process, what is the exact size (“ls -l whatever.img.raw”)? Note that clone produces both a “.img” and “.img.raw”, that you can reinstall from either, but the “.img” (sparse) cannot be loopback mounted. For test purposes, the “exact size” question needs the size of the raw image.

Also, can the raw image be loopback mounted on your host?

sudo mount -o loop ./system.img.raw /mnt
ls /mnt
sudo umount /mnt

As per an earlier question, all content (including extra installed packages) will exist on any restore from clone. Even network setup and fstab entries will be cloned (sometimes when restoring to a different Jetson you don’t want some details copied). You can also expect failure if the original version of L4T on the system being flashed with a clone was different from the one the clone came from. There could also be issues if the rootfs being restored is larger than the rootfs from the unit accepting the clone…you’d end up overwriting parts of other partitions or truncating.