How to backup and restore nvme with Jetson Orin NX?

Hi, all:

  1. Jetson Orin NX SOM + customed board + nvme, Jetson Orin NX can work normally with our software in jetpack5.1.

  2. And we want to backup nvme which have system to another black nvme .

3: Offfical forum have support clone Orin NX APP

So, Do you have any new suggestions about backup and restore nvme for Jetson Orin nx?


What are you trying to ask when you already provided the answer to yourself?
The 3rd point from your comment already gave the answer to your question.

Hi WayneWWW

We are looking for the same functionality. We came across the other thread, but it seems rather strange that we have to change scripts in order to do a basic functionality which is probably needed by all orin nx users. Is there no possibility to use the “./tools/kernel_flash/” with the “–flash-only” option, where we can replace the image in “tools/kernel_flash/images/external/system.img”?
As a first try, we took the image from the Jetson’s NVMe with “simg2img” tool and wanted to deploy it. Event when updating the sha1sum in the same external folder, after flashing we get errors:

JBD2: Invalid checksum recovering block 2953 in log

What else is done inside by the to the system.img before flashing?
Thank you.

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Hi sevm89,

Sorry. Currently you can only modify the scrpt. We are still discussing internal team to change that into another way. For example, take it as parameter for the script so that you can change it by yourself as input.

Hi WayneWWW

Thank you for your fast reply. We will use the mentioned scripts with the changes then. One more thing, to use this tool, there has to be already flashed something on the Orin NX (out-of-factory), right (QSPI)? Can we somehow flash this minimal image to the Orin and after use the restore script?

And the reason I’m asking this question is because we never backup and restore by this way, and hope a familiar way.
Then, in this way, system can backup and restore. However, QSPI must already be flashed. So the flashing process takes more time than Jetson Xavier NX.
Maybe, I should take a closer look about backup and restore and flash QSPI related scripts and document.