How to call trained .hdf5 model on Jetson TX2 ?

I was afraid that Jetson TX2 didn’t have the Calculation performance as GTX 1080Ti ,so I trained .hdf5 model on GTX1080Ti based on tensorflow-gpu 1.9.0 , Keras2.2.4 ,CUDA9.0.But I really need use the .hdf5 on Jetson TX2.SO How could do ?(Or i use the same Convolutional Neural Networks to train a model in format which can be called by Jetson Tx2 .Please tell me .
PS :JetPack4.1 has been installed on my Jetson TX2 .


Due to limited core/bandwidth/memory, TX2 may not have some performance as GTX 1080Ti.
Except from the performance issue, the procedure to run TensorFlow is similar.

By the way, TensorFlow for Jetson can be installed with the instruction here: