How to change chunk_size in quick start scripts?

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Riva Version: 2.6

I’m doing audio to text transcription through the StreamingRecognize API, I have a lot of latency, I want to use chunks of 160ms size to improve latency. Is it possible to configure this from the riva quick start scripts or should I build new pipelines with riva-build?

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Apologies, unfortunately, we won’t be able to configure chuck size from quick start, it can only be tweaked manually using --chunk_size flag in riva-build and deploy process


I am trying audio to text transcription through the StreamingRecognize API, But it is never working, I have running container as well as riva-servicemaker,
I can run example notebooks perfectly fine.

Can you tell your way of doing this, How you did transcription using chunks, as I am trying to do it with flask socketio audio buffer.

Thank you.

Hello, you can use the nvidia-riva/samples repository where there are examples of the use of the API in python or through the Riva Websocket Bridge repository for JavaScript

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