How to change the car label to its palte number on deepstream_lpr_app

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• GTX 1070
• DeepStream 5.1
• TensorRT 7.2.3
• Nvidia Driver 465
• Issue Type: questions

I am trying the project deepstream_lpr_app. Everything works fine.

However, is there anyway to bind the plate number we got from LPR model to the plate bbox we got from LPD and the car we detect from pgie? I am trying to change the car and plate’s label to the out from the OCR model, which doesn’t work at all.

Generally speaking, if there is a white car with a plate = 12345, how can i bind the information 12345 to that white car’s bbox?

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I think you can access the object meta via installing a probe, then you can iterate the object to get the plate label and bbox

Yes but is there a way that i can set the plate string to the bbox of the car? I want to set the car with an ID of the plate number. Also seems the tracker will always reset the whole object each frame?

you can change the display meta to acheive that

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