How to choose the best type of Jetson for AMR an (autonomous mobile robot)

Hello to Everyone, I am python developer, AM trying to choose jetson tool for my project because Raspberry Pi4 is too low to run TensorFlow and import a model.
Is there someone who can help me to choose the type of Jetson (Nano or TX series or AGX or Xavier series)?

Ciao a tutti, sono uno sviluppatore di python, AM sta cercando di scegliere lo strumento jetson per il mio progetto perché Raspberry Pi4 è troppo basso per eseguire TensorFlow e importare un modello.
C’è qualcuno che può aiutarmi a scegliere il tipo di Jetson (serie Nano o TX o AGX o Xavier)?

Hi bayangp0,

I can’t give the answer due to not sure what kinds of computing power your project required, you may check our Jetson platform Technical Specifications to help you.

Besides, there are many awesome projects sharing posted at Jetson Projects forum, you can check and find the reference.

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Hi kayccc,
hope you are well.
Thank you so much for the link.

It is very useful.