NVIDIA Jetson survey — win a Jetson TX2 Developer Kit

Hello Jetson developers! We want your feedback about developing software on the Jetson platform, including your experience using online resources and software updates. Respond to our Jetson Questionnaire for a chance to receive a free Jetson TX2 Developer Kit.

Survey Here — https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfVlinZgvPMnckLiW-yFoYdc_B7FbOK-2vbtiPSPAYPPSBslQ/viewform

On Friday, September 15th at 10:30am PDT, we’ll randomly select two respondents who have completed the survey.

Thanks to everyone for your time and valuable feedback!

It’s a pretty robust platform. As far as online resources are concerned, I’ve seen a couple that have helped me get on by for platform specific issues, so I wouldn’t say I’ve reached any blockers on this platform that I couldn’t have solved on any other platforms targeting ARM architecture.

It feels like a super powered raspberry pi and I can’t wait to keep pushing the envelope with the software I can develop by taking advantage of its beefy hardware internals.

I am actually building a self flying Drone as personal project and my first thought was about using a raspberry pi, which is not suited for Deep Learning. But since I experienced the Jetson TX1 Board on a project at my university, I think the TX1 or TX2 will be the way to go.

Thanks everyone who entered the survey, and to our winners with initials M.C. and L.K.I. You will be contacted by e-mail for your shipping information.